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Caring for your teeth over time allows us to help you maintain excellent oral health, no matter what comes your way. We hope to see you at Evergreen Dental Centre for oral examinations, dental hygiene appointments, and for other simple oral health maintenance appointments and procedures. Be sure to book your next regular appointment in advance so you are always on top of your oral health care.

Gum Grafting in Surrey

Gum grafting is a procedure used to correct the negative effects of gum disease (or periodontal disease). If your gums have receded from the teeth due to periodontal disease, it can be painful to eat and drink, and you may be at higher risk of other oral health problems, including tooth loss.

Gum grafting allows us to harvest healthy tissue from your mouth and transfer it to the site of your receded gums. Once healed, it replaces lost gum tissue and protects your teeth and tooth roots.

Transform Your Smile with Gum Grafting! Our skilled dentist near you offers expert gum recession treatment for a healthier, more confident you.

man smiling in dentists chair
man smiling in dentists chair

Dental Sealants

Protecting the permanent teeth from decay during childhood can be achieved simply with dental sealants. By brushing the sealant onto the permanent teeth, we can reinforce the tooth’s enamel, making cavities less likely to form.

Dental sealants are safe, painless to apply, and can last many years. 

Dental X-Rays

Seeing beyond the outer surfaces of your mouth is often important when we are checking for oral and dental health issues. Dental x-rays allow our dental team to see and diagnose potential issues, often earlier than we could with a visual examination alone. We may use x-rays when there is an emergency situation or you are experiencing pain, or during your routine oral examination. These images then provide us with a baseline for your teeth so we can continue to monitor changes in your oral health over time.

man smiling in dentists chair
man smiling in dentists chair

Root Canals and Teeth Extractions

When bacteria enter the root canal of a tooth, an infection can cause a great deal of pain and has the potential to spread elsewhere in the body. Root canal treatment is designed to eliminate the infection and seal the root canals, preventing further infections. It also allows you to maintain your natural tooth, often with a dental crown applied to secure the tooth. At Evergreen Dental Centre, we can perform root canal treatments right here in our Surrey dental offices. 

It’s always ideal for us to help you maintain your natural teeth; however, some situations necessitate the removal of a tooth or teeth. For most extractions, our dentists can remove milk teeth (baby teeth) or permanent teeth (adult teeth) in our offices using a local anesthetic. Before the extraction, we will review your options for restoration to ensure that we can preserve your solid bite and full smile for many years to come.

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