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Maintaining A Healthy Smile to Last a Lifetime from your root canal dentist in Surrey

In order to save a tooth that may have otherwise required removal, root canal treatment may be necessary at your root canal dentist, Evergreen Dental Centre. Without root canal therapy, the infected pulp of a tooth may begin to spread leading to bone degeneration. This often can lead to intense pain and the eventual need to extract the tooth.

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With the advancements in dentistry, the entire root canal treatment can be pain-less and completed in one single appointment at your root canal dentist, Evergreen Dental Centre. Wondering what to expect? Our dental team will work quickly to remove the diseased pulp, fill it with a biologically inert material, and completely seal it to prevent further infection before sending you on your way.

To learn more about root canal therapy, or to book an appointment at Evergreen Dental Centre, your root canal dentist, please contact us today.