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Surrey Cosmetic Dentistry Specialists Help You With Your Smile

We are your Surrey cosmetic dentistry specialists at Evergreen Dental Centre. Our team offers a full range of restorative dentistry solutions. Patients may require dental restoration if they are facing an unhealthy tooth structure, missing teeth, breakdown of older dental restorations or other dental emergencies.

Discover your dream smile with restorative dentistry solutions that include:

Mercury-Free Fillings

Mercury-free (composite) fillings are used to replace small areas of tooth structure that have become decayed. After the decay is removed, the filling is applied to the tooth, hardened, and shaped to fit with the surrounding teeth. Unlike metal silver fillings, composite fillings are white and blend in naturally with your existing tooth.

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For patients with severely worn, decayed or cracked teeth, a dental crown will help to instantly restore your smile. Crowns work to completely cover the damaged tooth, restoring its original shape and size. At Evergreen Dental Clinic, crowns are designed to look and feel 100% natural, while providing long-term protection.

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A gaping hole in your smile can affect your confidence, pride and outward appearance. If you are missing a tooth from an injury, accident or dental disease, we can create a dental bridge to restore your smile. A bridge will not only fill the gap in your bite, it can also help prevent teeth from shifting. In addition, bridges can improve chewing and speech ability, misaligned bite, and give internal structure to your face for an instant face-lift.

Your Surrey Cosmetic Dentistry Team Is Here For You

To learn more about Dental Bridges, crowns, mercury free fillings, or any other kind of treatment that your Surrey cosmetic dentistry specialists offer, call us, or book an appointment at Evergreen Dental Centre, contact us today.